New and Improved Designer Tools by BrightPipe

Updated: Mar 16

During the design process of a booth, the AV specifications are rarely available. That changes today, with BrightPipe's Designer Tools. Now, you can have access to all specifications of displays, LED tiles, and other common equipment right at your finger tips.

3D Models Included

We have put together our most popular AV items in our inventory and created 3D models of each display, LED tile, and more. We measured each item ourselves, to ensure that all our models are to scale accurate.

Online Portal Access

You'll never have to worry about an outdated file, or missing out on newly available products from BrightPipe. This is because our Designer Tools platform lives entirely in the cloud. This means you have real-time access to all the information.

Requesting Access

To request access to this powerful platform, click the link below.

Request Access

Tutorial Video

Once you have access to the designer tools portal, check out the short video below to get a general overview of how the platform works.

For more information on this and other BrightPipe resources, click HERE.

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