Telepresence Robot Now Available

Updated: Mar 16

COVID-19 has made attending tradeshows an event of the past, at least for the time being. However, we believe the industry will begin a gradual return to normal. To aid in this transition, we are offering a telepresence robot that allows a booth rep to "attend" the show, from anywhere in the world.

Video will go here from Demo Days

How Does it Work?

The RAD robot (remote access docent) grants you virtual mobility as you drive using a web browser on your computer. The interface is very easy to learn, and the built in obstacle avoidance technology eliminates the possibility of collision. The RAD robot features a high quality, wide view camera with an impressive zoom ability. The built in speakers allow others to hear you clearly, and the built in microphone array provides a clear line of communication to you and your audience.

Special Features

  • Pan Tilt, and Zoom camera functions

  • Share what's on your computer screen to the robot's screen

  • The robot's screen is touch-enabled

  • Take photos with the built-in camera

  • Raise and lower height of the robot remotely.

  • Auto-undock and re-dock functionality

  • Battery lasts 4-5 hours on a single charge when in continuous use

Requesting Test Drive

We would love for you to get to know the RAD robot by taking it for a spin, from the comfort of your desk!

<Sign up for a test drive session>

For more information on this and other other COVID-19 solutions, click HERE

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