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Internet Service

Our high speed mobile broadband connectivity solution provides you and your team with reliable internet for your booth or meeting rooms.  Now you can have a private, dedicated network that is budget friendly.

Internet Service Features

  • Support for three nation-wide wireless service carriers all from one router.

  • Network speeds starting at 3 Mbps.

  • 5G Connectivity Package Available*

  • No add-on charges for additional IP addresses. 

  • Extended WiFi channels are supported to improve the speed and reliability of 5 GHz connected devices.

*5G connectivity is not yet available in every city, results may vary

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Our on-site technicians scan the frequencies in use at the venue and tune your system for optimum performance.

Custom Configurations

One of the services we provide for our client at NRF each year, is IP reservation.  The client brings their own retail devices that require internet to function.  In order to prevent these devices from changing IP addresses during the show, we work with them to create reservations on our network so that their devices remain stable and functional.  

We also provide them with two separate dedicated high speed mobile broadband networks, so that network strain is reduced and bandwidth optimized.  

This is just one example of our ability to provide complex custom network configurations to our clients.

Event Internet
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