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Lead Retrieval

BrightPipe offers customized lead retrieval solutions that can be harnessed at your next event.  In addition to capturing contact information from attendee badges or business cards, custom surveys or qualifier questions can also be incorporated on a per-event basis.  Lead results are delivered in a timely manner, in the same digestible format each and every event.


  • Counter based laptop hardware

  • Bold branding opportunity

  • Unlimited custom qualifiers

  • Branching survey questions

  • Duplicate visitor detection

  • Thank you email option

  • Can adapt to any badge technology and allows for business card scanning or manual entry



  • Portable handheld system using iOS Device

  • Can interface with many 2D and 3D badge types

  • Custom qualifiers

  • Speech to text note taking ability

  • Multi-zone capture support

  • Signature capture support

  • Business card capture support

  • Duplicate visitor detection if required

  • Custom solutions available

Mobile LE Screenshot_Edited.png
Standard Lead Retrieval

Medical Information Request Capture

Many of our healthcare clients have special requirements when capturing medical information requests. Our system can be customized for your needs to handle information requests, adverse event reporting and interfacing to your existing tracking system. Contact us for a free consultation to learn how we can help automate this process for you.

  • System customized to capture medical information requests

  • Support for multiple products

  • Special handling for adverse events can be implemented 

  • Data formatted for quick interfacing with client's back-end tracking system

  • Auto-email of leads back to staff to track

  • Hard copy backup and BCC email system optional

  • CRM integrations with systems such as IRMS and are possible

Occupancy Management

BrightPipe can provide a simple badge-in and badge-out system to help you manage the number of attendees in your booth.  This works great for enclosed spaces with occupancy limits set by the fire marshal or for when you want to limit visitors to enforce social distancing. Our simple system of Green-Yellow-Red helps your staff quickly determine when it is safe to allow attendees into your space.

JnJ-AAD-2019 (7).JPG
JnJ-AAD-2019 (12).JPG


If you just need a simple self-service kiosk to allow users to preview and request literature items we have a solution for that as well.  Title based or thumbnail based views of literature options can be browsed by users and selected by a quick scan of their attendee badge. 


Product Detailer

Our system can be customized to allow for access to documents and multimedia elements to help your sales team make face-to-face interactions on target and on message.  View a variety of supporting materials and capture leads all at the same time.

Product Detailer.png

Anonymous Metrics

Have you ever wondered how many people your marketing content made an impression on? We provide an anonymous way to determine who has seen your message without the need for scanning every attendee badge. 


Sunshine Scanner

  • Designed specifically for the Pharma Industry

  • Interfaces to Bar Code badges

  • Rapid-Scan Processing for high-volume admission to theater sessions and symposiums

  • Signature capture support

  • Business card image capture support

  • Voice to Text support for quick notes capture

  • Duplicate visitor detection if required

After badge scan full contact details are available with notes field and an outline of what the activity details are for the healthcare provider that was scanned.  Once set, the activity details can be assigned to rapid-scanning of one badge after another so that each entry does not have to be edited each time.  This facilitates quick scanning of attendees as they enter theater or symposium events.

Sunshine 2.PNG
Sunshine 1.PNG

Custom Solutions

Our lead retrieval options are not limited to what's shown above. If you have specific needs or requirements, we are glad to consult with you to come up with a custom solution for you.

Medical Information
Occupancy Management
Product Detailer
Anonymous Metrics
Custom Solutions
Sunshine Scanner
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