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BrightPipe’s E4 Process has evolved from years of successfully helping clients solve technical challenges with their exhibit program. Most of our clients come to us because they struggle with finding a consistent A/V partner, find it difficult to generate traffic in their exhibit or can’t effectively measure the results of their events. Our E4 Process was created to help our clients solve these problems.

  • Engage


What is in it for me? It is difficult to engage attendees to cross from the aisle into your booth. We have developed a variety of engaging traffic building concepts that almost guarantee you will get foot traffic in your booth.

  • Entertain


Attendees often spend hours and hours at events participating in education and networking sessions that can be dry and boring. Creating an entertaining experience in your exhibit helps hold their attention and keeps them interested in hearing more about what you have to say.


  • Educate


While they are engaged and entertained we now have an opportunity to educate the attendee about the benefits of your products or services. We suggest picking one or two key takeaway messages and embedding those messages into the traffic building activity of the both.


  • Evaluate


The heart to any successful engagement program is the ability to measure results. BrightPipe has been measuring results at events for decades. We can embed measurement into programs we design for you or empower your agency or content partner with badge scanning technology so that they can create this for you.

The E4 Process is grounded in common sense and years of experience in the trade show industry. There is no one answer to solve all problems but by using this process we have always had a positive impact on our client’s events.

Proprietary E4 Process

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