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Value Added Services

BrightPipe has many processes and procedures in place to ensure successful show deployments. Here is a list of some of the solutions we have in place to execute events perfectly for clients as well as solve some of the most common problems encountered when working with A/V technology.

Event Planning Process

We track over 45 aspects of our deployments for each event so that we have a clear and complete plan in place when we arrive on show site. We create a detailed map showing where each piece of equipment is placed, what the content is and where any cables need to be run.  Our team also plans and packs dedicated back up equipment for critical hardware. This planning is done to ensure successful coordination of our services with agencies, exhibit houses and labor partners.

Airtable Planning.JPG
Content Guidelines.JPG

Content Guidelines Document

Content creators are given access to our content guidelines that includes answers to the most common questions and challenges agencies have. Our guidelines are a collection of best practices to help ensure the content created for your event looks great and works perfectly.  Please request your copy of this document here.

Online Collaboration Tool

BrightPipe hosts a secure cloud storage site with independent areas for uploading content for testing and final delivery. Copies of these assets are saved for each show to create an archive of materials for future use. Need a copy of the video that was run behind the catering counter in 2016? We have that at our fingertips. We also archive booth pictures taken while setting up and live during event. We use these images to ensure that planning for events today can take advantage of experience gained from past events.

Sharepoint (1).jpg
Designer Tools-displays.JPG

Designer Tools

BrightPipe has an online repository with spec sheets for all our equipment. In addition to basic dimensions, we also have photos of the equipment. When available, we also have detailed mechanical drawings as well as CAD models to help streamline the design and planning process.

Custom Lead Retrieval Services

We offer a variety of lead capture services to our clients available for use on computers, large format touch displays and mobile devices. The key differentiator in our solution is the ability to customize the look and feel for you. Unlike many other systems, we can incorporate disclaimer text or information required to gain legal, medical and regulatory approval for use.

Mobile LE Screenshot.png
Core Software.JPG

Core Software Load

Every PC that BrightPipe deploys has an extensive suite of software products to ensure there are no issues with playback of content delivered to us. All computers have the latest versions of the most popular browsers and media players.

Remote Access

Each PC we deploy is configured with secure remote access software. We can provide technical assistance from our home office by this remote interface for you or our onsite technician. 

Splashtop Streamer.png

Internet Services

BrightPipe provides internet services that are competitively priced while also providing a level of service typically far superior to those available through venue-based providers. Our system uses a triple redundant cloud connection to ensure a reliable connection. Our service is dedicated to you; it is not shared with other exhibitors.

Client Computer Adapter Kit

Often times clients wish to rent screens from us but want to provide their own computer. This can create a situation where the client's computer has a connection that may not be supported by the screen. This kit is an extensive collection of 20+ adapters that can be used to connect nearly any computer source to our screens.

Client Interface Kit (2).png

A/V Job Box

With over 28 years of experience, we have assembled this large collection of 500+ frequently needed adapters, cables, tools and other hardware. This allows our techs and your labor crew to quickly address unforeseen issues encountered during setup.

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