Demo Days 2020

BrightPipe Fall Demo Days was a resounding success. Thank you to all of our industry friends that participated.  During the demonstrations we transformed our office into a showroom environment where we set up demos of BrightPipe's newest innovations.  Special emphasis was placed on technologies to help keep everyone safe as we return to live events.


Digital Hand Sanitizer Kiosk


Share your message while at the same time providing sanitary measures with our digital signage hand sanitizer unit.  The built in content playback scheduling system and touchless sanitizer dispenser, help deliver important and timely messages while keeping everyone safe.

Making Touch Screens Safe


Using traditional touch screens when live events return will be a challenge for many.  Here are some suggestions on ways to continue using this very familiar and accessible technology while still maintaining safety for attendees.

Simulated Reality Display


The new Coronavirus-safe immersive display is an 8K 3D platform with integrated haptic touch functionality.  Your 3D content can be seen without glasses and users will have the sensation of touching your interface without touching the physical screen.

RAD Robot


The use of virtual meeting platforms has exploded this past year. Using telepresence technology users can essentially have a Zoom call on wheels.  You can now staff your exhibit with your experts who can safely interact with attendees without ever having to leave home or the office.  Keep your team safe wile still providing face-to-face interactions with experts for your attendees.

98" 4K LCD Display


Our new 98" display is an ideal choice for life-size advertising in your event space.  The screen is only 3.66" thick and weighs 198 pounds which can easily be mounted to your structure.  The screen also supports an OPS computer so only one power cable is needed to quickly deploy this screen at your next event. 

Smart Table


BrightPipe has developed a custom Smart Table with integrated A/V connections. These tables give your meeting room a clean, modern look and are available in 8 and 12 foot sizes. 

Sanitizer Gun


Keeping high touch surfaces clean will be a huge concern for exhibitors. Our electrostatic spray gun is used to help keep high-traffic areas safe using a CDC approved disinfectant that can be quickly made on show site.