Meeting Rooms

At BrightPipe, we place great emphasis on delivering innovative, user-friendly solutions to ensure a functional and productive meeting room so your staff can take care of business.

SmartTable Solution

Our 8' and 12' SmartTable conference room solution allows for a modern, stress-free meeting room experience.  Whether it is in your booth or at an off-site venue these tables look great and are easy to use.  

Table Features

  • Easy to set up and tear down

  • Table is pre-wired.  Just plug in to power source

  • Convenient pop-up presenter station 

  • Multiple strategically placed power outlets on tabletop 

Collapsible Presenter Station

New Presenter Station.jpg
  • 2x International-friendly power outlets

  • 2x Cat5 Ports

  • 1x USB Port

  • 1x HDMI Port

  • 1x VGA Port

  • 1x 3.5mm Audio Port


Wireless Chargers

  • Multiple wireless chargers for cell phones built directly into the table

  • Just set your phone on top of the icon and it will begin to charge

Power Outlets

  • 3 power outlets to power laptops or other devices

  • 2 USB ports to charge phones or other mobile devices

Integrated PC

  • Compact PC hidden underneath the table

  • PC is connected to LCD screen

  • All necessary components tucked underneath table, allowing for a clean look

Automatic Source Switching

  • Plug in an HDMI or VGA device, and watch it appear on screen within seconds.  No remote required.

  • Persistent corporate branding when screen not in use.

Meeting Room Add-ons

Jabra Speaker

  • Connect cell phone via Bluetooth 

  • High quality speaker and mic built in


  • Multi-function units available

  • Email to print service available

    • Sending an email will print it, including attachments

Polycom Conference Phone

  • Dial any number, even international

  • HD microphone and speaker provide high audio quality


  • Dedicated, secure network for the meeting room

  • Hard wired and WiFi option


  • Many sizes available. Floor stand for screen provided. 

  • 4K and HD options available, in many different sizes. 


  • Support for most popular source inputs, like HDMI and VGA

  • Professional Projector screens also available.

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