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Water Drops

Sanitizing Solutions

We provide sanitizing solutions to help keep staff and attendees safe and confident as they engage with your booth staff.  

Slim Line Hand Sanitizer

Deploy next to traditional touch screen to help attendees feel at-ease engaging with your content. Low profile design doesn’t visually distract from your displays and sanitizing cartridges allow for quick and easy refills during your event.


Touch Screen Sanitizer Kiosk-PC

22” HD Touch Screen with an integrated hand sanitizer dispenser is a perfect all-in-one solution for your exhibit.  This Windows PC based multimedia station can hold enough hand sanitizer to service 10,000 users.


Motion Activated
Stylus Dispenser

Motion activated stylus dispenser enables access to your touch screen content. Unit holds up to 450 ECO friendly styluses.  It can be branded with your logo and is 100% recyclable. 



Safety shields are an ideal solution to prevent viral spread during face-to-face contacts. CounterCOM enables effective communications by amplifying the audio on both sides of the shield and can be paired with additional technology to provide visual aids to help augment the discussions.


Basic Hand Sanitizer Kiosk

Hand sanitizer deployments should look like they belong in your event space, not stick out like a sore thumb.  This battery operated sanitizer dispenser can be place anywhere in your exhibit. Custom graphics printed on the front and back allows this kiosk to fit in and be a part of your exhibit

Sanitizer Kiosk 5.png

Electrostatic Fogger Gun

Safety in our exhibits and meeting rooms is a primary focus for us all.  This fogging gun uses a sanitizing solution that is food and human safe and will quickly incapacitate COVID like pathogens. This is a simple way to make your attendees feel safe and secure in your meeting spaces or exhibit displays.

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