Modular Media Wall

The MMW can be deployed in various configurations within a 10'x10' and 10'x20' space.  Specialty configurations are also available if a unique aesthetic is desired.  Click on any of the models below to take a 360 degree tour

10'x10' Options


MMW 4x4

MMW 5x4

MMW 5x4 Dual

MMW 5x4 Curved


10'x20' Options

MMW 6x4

MMW 7x4 Dual

MMW 8x4

MMW 7x4

MMW 7x4 Curved

MMW 9x4

10'x30' Options

MMW Dual 6x4

MMW 15x4


Detail Counter Options

MMW 2x2 Counter

MMW 4x2 Counter-90

MMW 4x2 Counter

MMW 5x2 Counter

MMW 5x2 Counter-90


Custom Options

MMW 7x4 Dual-Curved

MMW 7x4 3-Sided